Sharing nuggets with Friends

“A piece of the Fruit

that came from the Vine

that came from the Seed

that came from the Mind.”

Sharing nuggets with Friends


Why does science always want to assume that humankind evolved 100% from an Animal based on our similar characteristics to certain animals? We look kind of like gorillas, so therefore we must have evolved from them, yes?

Very well, now examine the physical characteristics of the male and female genitalia (I won’t post pictures; promise). Should we now consider that part of our evolutionary ancestry is also made up of mushrooms (fungi), and flowering plants (flora) based on similar characteristics?

Now, consider the old Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Imagine Adam going into a deep sleep, and something reaches inside of him, grabs hold of his Rib (virtue), breaks off half of it, and pulls it out of Adam. Then, that something takes that half of Adam’s Rib, and puts it inside of Eve’s new body.

What happens when you juxtapose this visual imagery with the physical characteristics of the male and female exterior sex organs? Do you see a connection? Meditate on this.


-musings of a human who is part Animal, part Mushroom, and part Plant, but all Kingdom