To you, I would say, “Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.”
But look as the yeast has already worked its way through the dough!


The World is my Kryptonite

by JF

The World is my Kryptonite.
It was delivered by a Canaanite.
It is so very black and white.
Black as black midnight.
White as white starlight.
Hotter than a fist-fight.
Colder than a frostbite.
It tries to lure you to the fight.
Being naturally impolite.
Always swelling with pride and might.
Soaring like a meteorite.
Exploding like dynamite.

O, but it is a parasite!
Warping every human right.
Dealing every man-made fright.
Feeding like a scabie mite.
Destroying like a forest blight.

Yet it craves a ray of Light.

From it, I remain from sight.
It is worse than any stage fright.
A never-ending snakebite.
Seeing without sight.
Hearing without height.
Choking out the sunlight.

The world is my Kryptonite.
But parts of it may turn to Light.
So its pain I will carry on.

Superman cringing before Kryptonite

The World is my Kryptonite


by Patience Strong (1907-1990)

The man looked at the mountain and the mountain at the man.
Scornfully it seemed to say, “Come, climb me if you can.”
The mountain was a giant with his shoulders in the sky,
The man a midget little more than sixty inches high.
But he had something more than height: a mind, a soul, a will,
A dream, a passionate desire, and so with patient skill
He moved with cautious steps upon the rocky, icy slope,
Climbing with a faith unbounded and a mighty hope.
With mist and storm and avalanche the mountain fought that day,
As over chasm, cliff, and gorge the climber made his way,
And reached the summit. Nature’s forces wild and fierce and blind
Were overcome and conquered by a midget with a mind.