Found another great, old poem

by George F. Viett (1868-1943)

“Life more abundant!”
This the glad tidings
Blazoned in cosmic light
Girdling the earth;
“Many the mansions”
For our abidings
In these myriad stars
Of man’s birth and re-birth.

Each star a paradise
Brighter and fairer
For pilgrims ascending
Unfettered of sin;
Life more abundant
Richer and rarer–
With spirits congenial
Loved friends, and kin.

They shall come dancing
Down hills of Gladness
To meet us and greet us
With welcoming song;
With balm for life’s wounds,
And surcease from its madness–
The wrath and the wreck
Of the world, and its wrong.

There are endless new Edens
For those who shall merit–
In these beautiful worlds
Where we linger awhile,
And the radiance of Heaven
For those who can bear it–
For those on whom Virtue
And Justice shall smile.

This is the story
Of new life unmeasured–
Of man’s august pilgrimage
Through the infinite stars;
And somewhere, in glory,
God’s guests are gathered;
Freed from the fetters
Of flesh and its scars–


Found another great, old poem


“We who regard the inside of the world,

We look at the heart and disregard the outside.

The judges who confine their views to externals

And base their decisions on outward appearances,

As they testify and make outward show of faith,

Are straightway dubbed faithful by men of externals.

Therefore these heretics, who regard only externals,

Have secretly shed the blood of many true believers.

Strive then to be old in wisdom and in faith,

That, like Universal Reason, you may see within.”


Black and white photo of person standing at the entrance of a cave.



There IS a mental height requirement for understanding the similitude(s) within the pages of the Bible. I am my own proof and evidence.

Why, when I say that, does it cause abrasion to others? Does it cause offense if I say there is a mental height requirement for learning calculus? Or learning to put one’s excrement in the potty? Is it not a fact that everything we learn from life has a mental height requirement? Even the actions we claim are instinctual require some stage of development.

Why, then, when I say that some are not yet ready to grasp what is contained within those pages, does it provoke wrath?

“Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)… There are just some kind of men who – who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.”

-Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird

When I tried reading it during my 20’s, it didn’t go very well. At its surface value, it made me angry; it insulted my intelligence. I did not even make it all the way through Genesis. I quickly dismissed it as “ignorant babble” and put it away.

But Things came together later on. After choosing to stand up from my Fall, I began seeking again.

Now, I want to reach my hand across the gulf to those who are beginning to rise from their slumber. I want to donate fertilizer to the keeper of the Garden. I want to warn the  keeper of the Garden about weeds and pests. I want to behold the brand new sprouts as they become Gardens of Roses.

But concerning the Bible,  this is as far as I may reach at this time:

The Bible, taken only at its surface value, contains both wheat and chaff because it is filtered through the pens of Man, who is formed from a corrupt Substance; but there is something far, far deeper at work; something supersensual …. that is the Kernel. To find the Kernel, first separate the wheat from the chaff.

(but please understand, dear reader, nothing should be removed; the chaff is there for a reason)

Only a similitude can come close to describing this virtue (or power) that I am trying with corporeal words to explain. It is so very complex… until you realize its plain simplicity.

3-in-1 Whole

Without beginning or end,
It unfolds as a rose;
Like the Generating Heart;
With Movement and repose.