It’s fading, though

He that says, “Love your enemies, do well to those that persecute you,” does not teach you to judge and despise; he teaches you the way of meekness. He teaches that you should be a light to the world so that those who do not believe might see by your works that you are children of God.

-Jacob Boehme, The Threefold Life of Man, Chapter Six (modernized)

Jesus motioning a peace sign

It’s fading, though

Diseased Society

“There cannot be any greater folly found under the sun than this, That man, who is the noblest and most rational creature in the world, should, in covetousness, be the greatest fool of all, to hunt and press so eagerly after that which he hath no need of; for everyone hath his sufficient portion given him from the spirit of this world, if he would but be contented with it.

Thus one man is a devil to another; and they torment one another; and all the business is but about a handful of earth, or for a stone, of which the earth hath enough; And must not that be a wonder indeed?”

-Jacob Boehme, The Threefold Life of Man


Diseased Society


For any who are enduring oppression or persecution from the world because of seeking Truth:

“23. For he [who climbs the spiritual ladder] must climb through a horrible deep, a giddiness will frequently come into his head; and besides, he must climb through the midst or centre of the kingdom of hell, and there he will feel by experience what a deal of scoffings and upbraidings he must endure.

24. In this combat I had many hard trials to my heart’s grief: My sun was often eclipsed or extinguished, but did rise again; and the oftener is was eclipsed or put out, the brighter and clearer was its rising again.

25. I do not write this for my own praise, but that if it go so with you, you should not despair about it; for there belongeth and is requisite a mighty enduring hard labour and stoutness, for him that fighteth with the devil, between heaven and hell; for the devil is a potent prince.”

-Jacob Boehme, Aurora