I asked the Master for the secret Ingredient;

He smiled at me and said, “Be obedient.

an antique laboratory vial or bottle with a white unreadable label


Behind the Veil


I wonder if they’ll still chant his name,
When the Native’s blood has been spilt again?

I wonder if they’ll still shout and cheer,
As the Anger and Wrath draws further near?

Will they dance and jeer upon their feet,
Over the Scarlet stains marking the street?

Will they remain blind to his defiant knavery,
As their children are marched into his slavery?

But the blind, I suppose, will keep following since
He’s adorned as a glittering and potent Prince.


Behind the Veil

No Matter

-written for my oldest daughter, but dedicated to all of my kids-

No matter what we do or say,
I’ll be here for you any day.

No matter how our paths may part,
You’ll always be within my Heart.

And though my words are not top-dressed,
They’ll wish for you the very best.

No matter Red or Gold or the midst of Blue,
My Love will always be with you.

And no matter how weak my voice may sound,
We’ll meet with clarity on the Higher Ground.


No Matter