For any who are enduring oppression or persecution from the world because of seeking Truth:

“23. For he [who climbs the spiritual ladder] must climb through a horrible deep, a giddiness will frequently come into his head; and besides, he must climb through the midst or centre of the kingdom of hell, and there he will feel by experience what a deal of scoffings and upbraidings he must endure.

24. In this combat I had many hard trials to my heart’s grief: My sun was often eclipsed or extinguished, but did rise again; and the oftener is was eclipsed or put out, the brighter and clearer was its rising again.

25. I do not write this for my own praise, but that if it go so with you, you should not despair about it; for there belongeth and is requisite a mighty enduring hard labour and stoutness, for him that fighteth with the devil, between heaven and hell; for the devil is a potent prince.”

-Jacob Boehme, Aurora




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