What is Alchemy?

Do you have gold in your heart, or above it?

If you research the term “alchemy” you will find many various, possible definitions.

Here is a definition that fits right with me. This is from Manly P. Hall’s book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

It is gold; pun intended.

By means of this ART the seed which is within the soul of a stone may be made to germinate so intensively that in a few moments a diamond is grown from the seed of itself. If the seed of the diamond were not in the marble, granite, and sand, a diamond could not be grown therefrom. But as the seed is within all these things, a diamond may be grown out of any other substance in the universe. In some substances, however, it is easier to perform this miracle because in them these germs have already been long fertilized and are thus more nearly prepared for the vivifying process of the ART. Likewise, to teach some men wisdom is easier than to teach others, for some already have a foundation upon which to work. While in others the thinking faculties are entirely dormant. Alchemy, therefore, should be regarded as the ART of increasing and bringing into perfect flower with the greatest possible expedition. Nature may accomplish her desired end or, because of the destructiveness exercised by one element over another, she may not; but with the aid of the true ART, Nature always accomplishes her end, for this ART is not subject either to the wastings of time or to the vandalism of elemental reactions.”

Let those who desire material gold go and learn of its secrets and may their search be fruitful. But as for me, I’d much prefer finding the knowledge of growing wisdom within the human-animal mind. That is spiritual gold, and it is of the purest quality.

What is Alchemy?

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