Evil Corporations

It is so very easy to hate absurdly rich corporations, who play such a huge role in the manufacturing and distributing of greed amongst our gluttonous society. Especially, when we learn that the majority of OUR tax money goes to them, while mysteriously, many of them avoid paying taxes. Neat trick.

But please remember always, the corporation is only a container of human-animal children obsessed with the illusion of power. Do not hate them; for they have already found the only reward they will ever find. They have turned their water into false wine and drank from the cup. Feel sorry for them.

It is the same with government.

And sadly, it is this way with many churches.

“Now, wait a minute!” you say. And your alarm would be correct. Can you imagine the bloody mess that would ensue if corporations, government, and churches all decided to just close their doors? Think about it.

No, I am not saying they should go away. We NEED them. The future needs them.

They cannot and should not be destroyed.

They must be trained.

Evil Corporations

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