by Jedidiah Fleming

Well, once upon a time, back through the line,
I was out on a stroll through the wood’.
Just carryin’ my troubles; stridin’ with double,
Feelin’ dirt-poor and misunderstood.

Then, out-a-my-sight, came a shimmer-a-light
I came to a stop then and there.
I looked to my right, and there in plain sight,
Was a cabin with a porch and some chairs.

Up high on the porch, smokin’ his torch,
Sat a man with a beard to his sleeves;
He was scragg-ily white, but he looked quite alright;
He said, “Child, come up’n sit, if ya please.”

I stood there confused, yet strangely amused,
Before this mysterious man’s offer,
He said, “My name’s B.D., just an old man, as ya see,
So come up’n have a cup’a my water.”

I nodded, without zest, and accepted his quest,
Then climbed up and sat to his left.
He nodded to me, and with a smirk on his cheek,
Said, “Boy, why d’you seem so bereft?”

But before I began, he extended his hand,
And poured me a cup from his pitcher.
He said, “Boy, le’me say, to you on this day,
What I offer will make you much richer.”

So with a sly little grin, I looked over at him;
“It’s only a vessel of water,” said I.
And with a grin on his lip, I took a small sip,
And discovered the water was wine!

We sat for awhile, and shared a few smiles,
But I had to get on with my day,
He said, “Child, listen here, I mean it sincere,
Come again, now that you’ve found the way.”

I said, “Thank’ya B.D., you were a pleasure to meet,
And I’m thankful for your offer,
And return I will, for a few more swills
Of that cold, refreshing ‘water!'”

And just one more thing, let me hastily say:
Return, I did… day after day.

© 5/13/2016
Feel free to pass along my rhymes,
But, of them, you shall take no dimes.


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