The Party Not Taken: A Pilgrim’s Parody

I probably will not ever talk about politics again, or at least not for a very long time, but I did want to share the poem I wrote earlier with you.
Credits to the late Mr. Robert Frost for the inspiration and meter (The Road Not Taken). Oh, and our current political climate.

The Party Not Taken: A Pilgrim’s Parody
by me

Two parties split before the Country hood
And sorry I could choose neither
And be one pilgrim, confused I stood
And considered each as best as I could
Which wasn’t very long at all, either;

Then took the independents, as just as fair
For certainly having the better claim
Because I sensed wisdom and genuine care;
Though as for the other two parties there
I sensed only hatred, corruption, and blame.

And two parties, before us, equally lay
As the only choices in the leadership stack.
I’ll support neither on this day;
Yet, knowing how power craves to stay,
They’ll shed their ethics before giving any slack.

How will you choose on this Election Day?
Will your choice result in an evil Reich?
Or will you do as I, and say:
On this day the Father made
I will choose he who is most Christ-like.

The Party Not Taken: A Pilgrim’s Parody

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