First Contact – golden calf syndrome

The first time I was spoken to happened within seconds after waking up one morning. When it happened, immediate mental flags were raised as this, or anything resembling it, had never happened to me before. It did not feel normal, but at the same time, it felt so real. I did not recall it being the very end of a dream I was having. Seconds after waking, the spirit said:

“If you must know the truth about the modern church, go and read how the Israelites behaved while Moses was on Mt. Sinai.”

I recalled hearing the story as a young teen, but had never actually read the verses in the Old Testament that tell about it.

You can read it in the Book of Exodus. God acts so angry there. Of course, I try to keep an open mind about how it may have actually happened and how the author’s religious predispositions may have influenced his words. Maybe it happened just like the Bible describes, but maybe not.

The general idea I get from reading it is: the Israelites were childish and impatient; they wanted a god that they could worship with the physical senses because they were not aware of the true spirit. Thus, the Golden Calf was forged and worshiped and sacrificed to. The story goes on to say that 3,000 of them were killed that day for their sins, but the golden calf syndrome did not end there. No, it grew and flourished and is still thriving today.

I believe, if you apply this knowledge to the religious behavior of today, you will see golden calves everywhere. Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, and many others; they were all crucial teachers for their time and all of humanity, but what have they been turned into? What have WE turned them into, and why?

As a side note, I think it is interesting to compare the Ten Commandments with the concept of the Trinity. Supposedly, God said to have no other gods before him. The Trinity divides God into three gods, which we gave names to, and then we began to worship each name as God. This step seems completely unnecessary. Of course, this is only my limited perception, but it appears to me that the man-made doctrine of the Trinity violates the first of the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments far out-dates the concept of the Trinity. Draw your own conclusions.

*edit 8/29/2016: Since the time I wrote this, I have received a better understanding of the Trinity, and while I don’t yet understand how the concept is so largely important among believers, thanks to my recent understanding, I no longer believe that the concept of the Trinity violates the Ten Commandments. However, I fear that there are those who do, in fact, split the Trinity into three separate gods and worship one or all of them individually. From where I am now, I do not believe the Trinity pertains to worship; rather, it pertains to understanding, powers, and qualities. With that being said, however, I fail to see how not acknowledging the Trinity can be a pitfall as long as one acknowledges the Father and his works.

Peace and blessings to all.

First Contact – golden calf syndrome

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