I changed my mind…

The spirit said:

“The Truth can never have a price tag.”

If it is linked to individual economic prosperity, in any way, it cannot be the Truth.

Meaning, if I claim to have the Truth and attempt to prosper myself over others, materially, in the sharing of it, what I am promoting is false.

I changed my mind…

2 thoughts on “I changed my mind…

    1. jf says:

      It’s a very difficult question in these times where money is everything. We need food, shelter, and clothing. And, these things cannot be acquired without money. However, I believe money is an illusion. It is true that money has served us in the past, but it is now us who serve money and those who hold the most of it. I would never condemn anyone for charging money for the truth, but if you demand payment for the truth, you are promoting the falsity of money over truth.

      For me, personally, I cannot ask anything for sharing what I share, because I received without being asked. So, in turn, I will give without expecting. I believe it is something we must evolve into… slowly. To charge money for the truth is to take something pure and make it less pure.

      However, I am fully aware of the financial struggles that affect nearly all of us. With that being said, if someone has given themself fully to sharing truth, I would see no issue in them asking for help in meeting their needs. It is when they ask for more than they need that it becomes a red flag.

      But, that is purely my perception.

      Have an awesome day!


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